People with Aspergers Syndrome can often get very unhappy due to how the condition is affecting their lives and how they struggle to understand people's situations. (A lack of empathy).

Just remember: Having Aspergers Syndrome does not make you a freak or anything else rather than a human being. Things are just more complicated than the average person. Don't let this hold you back or accomplish what you want in life. 

Try to remain happy: Although having Aspergers has it's downs, it also has it's ups. You should try to focus on that rather than considering what's bad and how it affects your life. This will result in unhappiness and in some cases, can result in depression. 

If it becomes bad.Edit

If it becomes bad, people with Aspergers Syndrome really should get in hold of a contact service, doctor (GP) or mental health clinic. You want to fight it early. In some cases it can become serious and AS sufferers can become depressed due to it. It's best to get it sorted before it gets worse.

Join in the community!Edit

Joining in with our Wiki community could help you. Meaning that you can share your stories with some people who will actually understand your situation. (Which is often hard to find). However, always contact a contact service, your doctor (GP) or mental health clinic before anything else.