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I'm a creative artist. I also have Asperger Syndrome and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Below is a story of my life.

My StoryEdit

I was a common child, I go to school, I have friends and I play with toys. I had a great time. I was a little figit-y sometimes, and I get a little hyper here and there. But, I had a great life.

It wasn't until I was 10 when I was starting to have the symptoms of Asperger Syndrome, I can cry easily when someone yells at me, I lose eye contact a lot, and I'm not good at groupwork at school. I was confusing to other kids, and I was confused as well. My head was thinking, What's going on with me?! It wasn't until I went to a doctor when I was told I had ADHD and Asperger Syndrome. I never heard of Asperger Syndrome. I do know what autism is, but I never heard or know what Aspergers is.

I was 11 when I learned was Aspergers is. It was a autistic disorder. I tried my best to not let my Aspergers control me, but it was hard. I keep on losing focus at school. After a year of struggle, I got a therapist that helps my ADHD and my Aspergers. Currently, I am still have to take medication of my disorders, but I still trying to keep my disorders not to control me. Also, my friends are helping me as well.

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