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People with Aspergers usually suffer with social difficulties. This can make life unbearable at times, confusing and somewhat a horrid experience. What they experience can sometimes range from any of the following or can be all of the following:

Not being able to make eye contact for a long period of time. Not understanding peoples opinions well.

  • They usually argue with their peers, friends, family or strangers. Due to misunderstandings.
  • They stuggle to read body language.
  • VERY sensitive, people shouting really gets to them.
  • They struggle with empathy. 
  • A tendency to monopolize a conversation and talk only about what interests them.
  • Language is interpreted literally and when figures of speech are used in a conversation, they are often not understood. For example, an expression such as,
  • They often get lost in a group conversation and find it extremely difficult to sort out who is speaking and follow the different threads of conversation.

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