For people with Aspergers Syndrome, eye contact is something that is very hard to maintain. This can be with anyone and doesn't usually range from person to person. 

Below are two examples where this can cause many issues.


When a student is being told off or spoken to, they cannot maintain eye contact. This will usually result in Look at me when I'm talking to you and Listen to me. This can be very bad. People with Aspergers usually look away subconsciously and cannot help it. That's like asking a turtle to become a snail. It's impossible. 

In the workplaceEdit

When people with Aspergers get a job that involves contact with customers, eye contact is usually something that is of great importance. So, people with AS tend to adapt and learn to remain eye contact for some period of time. Some feel comfortable, some don't. For some, it will remain impossible. People of support like friends, family, anyone you're comfortable with can even train you on how to make proper eye contact. It's usually hard the first time, but when you get used to the task it becomes much easier to do.

Sometimes this can result in a person with Aspergers getting into trouble.