Reassurance Edit

Having Aspergers Syndrome does not mean you should seclude yourself from people and feel like you're worthless. You are a human being! Yes, Aspergers Syndrome brings complications like with socializing and misunderstandings. But, you can still succeed in life, you just have a few more obstacles that you need to climb over

Symptoms Edit

  • You may not be able to start or maintain a conversation. No matter how hard you try. You feel this is impossible.
  • To the outside world, you appear to lack in empathy. Empathy is where you can put yourself in others shoes and understand their feelings.
  • When anything changes, AKA a routine you usually take, this usually feels horrible and you tend to stuggle to stay organized.
  • You may struggle to understand sarcasm or different tones of voice that represent how the person is feeing.
  • You always avoid eye contact or find yourself looking away from people's eyes without meaning too. (You often get accused of not listening)
  • Very dedicated to something. People with Aspergers Syndrome are very smart in the areas they enjoy most. Or are smart of a particular topic.
  • You say what you think without sometimes considering it.
  • Sometimes people with Aspergers Syndrome can have great sensitivity to loud noises, strong tastes, textures and lights.