Hello there the name's Thomas or as I'm known around Wikia CoolioDoolio93. I'm a wiki editor and Admin of this wiki.

This is me.

Below is a story of me and my Autism and how it has affected my life, what benefits it provided and how much it has changed in recent years.

My StoryEdit

It was made clear their was something different about me since I was born, I hadn't started talking until about age 2. I was then diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at age 4 which meant that I wasn't like all the other kids in preschool. I had trouble making friends, interacting with others and being a part in group activities/projects.

I was very different in that I had trouble talking to others, being able to maintain eye contact, and getting nervous very easily. It was hard in the early years, but that didn't stop me from doing the best I could in life and in school. I was able to make some friends in school because they accepted me for who I was as a person which made me very happy.

Doing test, assignments, or projects were tough for me. They put a lot of stress and pressure on me, but I did manage to get the work done. I am very determined to make sure things get done before a deadline of some sorts. Even though that's the case, I do still get the feeling of stress every now and then even to this day.

In recent years I have greatly improved on my behaviour and how to cope with stress in certain situations. I've even been able to meet others with Autism and Aspergers through community groups and that helped me better understand how it affects people.

Now at age 19 and looking for work, everyday brings new challenges which I'm able to overcome thanks to my knowledge of Autism and Aspergers.