Below explains what Aspergers is. However, you can view our other pages that are specifically dedicated to certain parts of Aspergers.

What is Aspergers Syndrome?Edit

Aspergers is a mental health condition which affects many people throughout the world. It's a type of Autism. However, is not quite the same as the typical autism. The person in question may experience social difficulties, meaning that they struggle to make friends, they may constantly argue with those around them, mainly because they just can't understand what the person is saying. Or, they feel like the person they are arguing with doesn't understand what they are trying to say. The person may also experience a type of depression, due to them feeling left out or "misunderstood" by the rest of the world.

This is a constant mental Health Condition that will not go away over time. People with Aspergers usually develop ways of making it better. However, it does not change the social anxiety and misunderstanding that they feel.

People with Aspergers usually react differently, what some would find concerning, people with Aspergers will laugh. Not because they find it funny. But, because they feel too awkward so their anxiety takes over. This is not their fault.

Is Aspergers Syndrome Bad?Edit

Aspergers is not bad or dangerous. Aspergers is just different. It reacts to different people. It'll make some people's life trickier, others will look at it positively. It is more difficult to treat if not diagnosed because then he/she will not understand why they're different and are having difficulties having friends. For example, visiting a friends house will be scary because the person will not know what to expect.

So, Aspergers isn't bad. It's just different.